St. Sarah, our lady of incoherent ignorance

In the midst of the euphoria among the rabid born-agains after the Palin nomination, one of the things they insisted upon was that liberals were “scared to death” of her, due to our supposed fear that her mere presence would be enough to swing the election to the Republicans.  Nothing, of course, could have been further from the truth!

Oh, we were scared of her all right, scared to death that we might wake up one morning and have someone as obviously incompetent as her a mere heartbeat from the presidency.  “Saraphobia” was part of what bounced me out of bed all last summer and fall eager to register voters and knock on doors, and what kept me on the streets even after the election seemed to be won.

The Sarah-worshipers thought we were afraid of her the in the same way, and for some of the same reasons that they sometimes insist that non-believers are somehow afraid of a god they don’t even believe in.  We reject her, therefore we must fear her, for why else would we not want her to have access to the nuclear codes?  What really keeps me up at night is that I know there are those in this country who care so little for it that they would support a candidate like Palin in the first place, overlooking her painfully obvious shortcomings strictly because they happen to share them.


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