All They Want is All There Is

I’m not a conspiracy nut.  I have no tin hats, don’t think that 9/11 was an inside job and think Oswald acted alone, but this Huff Post article by Bruce Wilson might make me consider a reconsideration.  I read The Family by Jeff Sharlett over a year ago, and was struck by the influence this particular right-wing Christian organization seemed to have over some pretty powerful players in Washington. As the article points out, and the Families own video confirms, they are after nothing short of Christian world domination, to be brought about by obtaining control of virtually all true economic and political power centers.

I chose to work for and support the Obama campaign over Hillary last year partially because  Hillary Clinton is one of the few Democrats involved with the Family.  Another Democrat is my own representative, Mike McIntyre from North Carolina, and also our senior Senator, Republican Richard Burr.

I would hope that the notoriety and the negative press the Family is getting due to Ensign’s indescretions will shine a light on these people, expose their objectives, and make it politically impossible for our government officials to have anything to do with them.  But, of course, I am one of those poor deluded fools who accepts evolution by natural selection as the best explanation for all of the mountains of relevant data.


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