God’s Own Party – in Absolute Disarray

Those who get their news and opinions from FOX or talk radio believe that Obama is ruining the country, turning us all into helpless wards of a socialist state, destroying our security, undermining our moral structure, banishing capitalism, taking away our guns and giving them to Acorn and that those of us who support him are brain-washed, ignorant morons.

Conspiracy theories abound, fanned by a ceaseless drumbeat of absurdities, half-truths and plain outright lies from conservative media. Moderate Republicans are fleeing in droves and disassociating themselves from the hard-core contingent who, like spoiled children when confronted by responsible adults are screaming and stomping their feet at every new proposal or piece of legislation.

Now we are watching the unfolding spectacle of the pathetic Republicans on the Senate Judiciary committee squirming, caught between a splendidly qualified nominee, a huge block of Hispanic voters and their own rabid but declining base. Without any good arguments, they plod on, thoroughly demoralized, unorganized, pandering every inch of the way, their only apparent motive being to ward off primary challenges back home. I guess this is what happens when you run out of ideas.


2 responses to “God’s Own Party – in Absolute Disarray

  1. I saw this on the Star News site just now. I await with perverse glee the shitstorm that is surely about to ensue in the comments.

  2. I think you’re absolutely right. There are no clear leaders of the Republican Party right now. All of the political ambassadors of conservatism over the last 10 years have been either voted out of office, reduced to a minor voice in politics, resigned due to scandal or hauled off to jail. Since the last election, the mainstream media has continuously asked, “Who are the leaders of the GOP?” They keep asking because no one has an answer.

    The moderate Republicans, as you said, are lost in the wilderness and it’s no wonder. The conservative media and those on the far right are happily determined to drive that wedge even further into the American political landscape. The loudest voices or most recognized faces of the GOP right now are Limbaugh and Palin… is that it? So we’re looking at a windbag radio host and a totally incompetent ex-governor with a truckload of ethics complaints following her. Both are supported by a base that is simply loud and misinformed.

    What is the reasoning for playing to this crowd? The political make-up of the country is obviously in the center – if not slightly left of the center.

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