A New Breed of American Kooks

This will be a short post, ‘cause the subject matter doesn’t even deserve what I’m going to give it.  We have had and still have the Kennedy assassination nut balls, the Apollo hoax folks, the 9/11 truthers, now we have a new bunch of deranged kooks, the birthers.

In spite of well-documented evidence plastered all over the place, these tin-hats refuse to believe any of it.  They would rather believe that two newspapers conspired with the Hawaiian Health Department back in 1961 just in case Barack Obama might someday run for president. They would rather believe that the FBI, who had to do a complete security check on Senator Obama, somehow missed the fact that he wasn’t a US citizen.

And finally, they have to ignore the fact that neither Senator McCain nor Senator Clinton saw fit to make mention of any problem during the campaign.  No, they would rather believe Lou Dobbs, some FOX morons, and anyone else dumb enough to step up to a microphone and agree with them.

Do they really hate America that much?  Are they really that stupid?  Personally I don’t think either is true, they just can’t stand the fact that Barack Obama is President, and all that he represents.  Grow up!


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