“Random Acts of Violence”

I’ve been accused by friends, family and others of being a bit paranoid sometimes about theocracy and Christian nationalism, and there are times that I agree with them, then I run across something like this!

To unlawfully threaten or perpetrate violence to influence the behavior of others is the very definition of terrorism, and if Terry’s statements don’t constitute terrorism, I don’t know what does.  Using phrases like “God forbid,” and “We can’t be responsible,” he hopes to absolve himself of any blame or responsibility for what might happen as a result of his imprecations, but all he manages to do is sound like some Mafioso making an offer you can’t refuse.

The threat is clear:  Pass this bill with such-and-such a provision, and you will CAUSE massive civil disobedience, wanton destruction of property and the streets will run in blood!  Why is this man not under arrest! Could it be because he is claiming some mandate from his God here?  His God, who apparently cares more about embryos then he does about real live human beings who happen to disagree with Terry’s particular brand of religion?

Terry is the face of American Christian terrorism, and it’s about time that we all started to push back, and push back hard on this kind of incendiary rhetoric. Where is the Christian and the Republican leadership who should be denouncing this blatant attempt at intimidation?

“If Congress votes to fund the murder of babies by abortion in any “health care” bill — either explicitly or implicitly — there could be horrific consequences.

Pelosi and Co. cannot expect millions of Americans to betray God, and to pay for the murder of their neighbor without something snapping. They must not delude themselves: Congress runs the real risk of national convulsions that have not been seen since the 60s, or perhaps since the civil war if they try to compel Americans to pay for the murder of the innocent.

If they attempt to fund abortion, it is tantamount to the government putting a gun to taxpayers’ heads to pay for the brutal murder of an innocent child. There are many of us who will not comply.”

But it’s OK with Terry and the rest of the anti-choice mob if the government puts a gun to a woman’s head and forces her to have a baby, even if it might cost her life!  As I have said before, abortion is very much a church/state issue, and should be treated as such.  If they can prove that a “soul” is inserted into an embryo at conception by some supernatural agent, then we should ban all abortions.  Otherwise, they are peddling nothing but ignorance and superstition.

They have been unable to obtain their ends through peaceful means, so they have learned from organized crime and international terrorism and moved on to intimidation and extortion.


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