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Who Would Protest Holy HealthCare?


I watched a short clip of the Kennedy funeral during Countdown tonight, and the sight of one of the Kennedy grandchildren praying for healthcare reform to pass congress struck me.  Nothing wrong with the kid praying at granddad’s funeral, of course, but what started me thinking was this simple fact:  If prayer actually worked, why would we need health care at all? Well, except for the amputees, of course, God doesn’t seem to like them much.

Boy, talk about something that would put the insurance companies right out of business, holy healthcare would do it in a heartbeat.  In fact, most all medical care could be dispensed with, except for those few things that God doesn’t approve of, like venereal diseases, and the like.  Also, I got a feeling that abortions would be OK, after all, the most prolific abortionist in the history of the world is God himself (or herself).  Most pregnancies end in a miscarriage, most times before the victim is even aware she’s preggo.  What do you suppose he does with all those slightly used souls?  Is there some kind of rummage sale?

What I wonder, though, is if somebody tried to set up a single-doer healthcare system, who would do the protesting?  I suppose it would be the thirty or forty million atheists who would be out in the streets carrying signs saying:  “God wants to kill granny,” and “holy healthcare is socialism.”  One thing for sure, if you have ever prayed for a loved one to recover from something and they didn’t, that was God’s death panel in action!

The best thing about holy healthcare is that if he decides to ration your care, you don’t have to worry about losing your house or all your money, you just die, and it’s someone else’s problem. Works out for the religion pimps, they get to make new fortunes teaching people how to access the holy healthcare system.  Not everyone can get the ear of the big guy, after all, and there will be plenty of scams, just like there are now with the system we got.

Wait a minute, rationed care, death panels, no amputees, no VD treatment, middle men to access the system, why is holy healthcare better then single payer?


The Revenge of Ron Paul’s Army


Dana Goldstein has a nice piece in the Daily Beast today talking about the Ron Paul supporters and what a good many of them are up to now:

“Ever wonder what happened to Ron Paul’s grassroots supporters? They’re crashing town-hall meetings—often armed—and heating things up as Congress enters its last week of recess.”

It’s been a year-and-a-half since Ron Paul ended his fringe campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination, and of all the GOP candidates, including the eventual winner, Paul’s influence among his supporters seems to have grown.  Ron Paul supporters have been in the forefront of health care opposition, sometimes showing up at town hall meetings – armed. Continue reading

Pale Blue Dot

It has been awhile since I have watched this, I just have to do it every now and then.