Healthfear Crisis II – The Rethuglicans

A few days ago, I wrote in the first “Healthfear Crisis” that the reasons Republicans and so-called blue dog Democrats opposed health care reform had nothing to do with ordinary Americans and everything to do with satisfying special interests in the insurance industry itself.  In the intervening days, the truth of that statement has come into even sharper definition with recent disclosures of who is getting paid what, and what corporate group or groups is funding the disruptions of Democratic town halls.

In addition, the contingent of the right-wing that I wrote about in “Clinging to Their Guns and Religion” has melded with the rest of the crazies, and is now funded by front organizations such as Americans For Prosperity, who in turn is funded by big Pharma and the health care insurance industry.  So what you have are paid thugs being bussed all over the country holding “grassroots” rallies and disrupting Democratic town hall meetings.

This is what the right has come to!  Using the tactics of threats, intimidation and violence instead of discussing ideas is what organized crime does.  Couple intimidation tactics with the miss-information campaign being waged, and you have a situation that could really get ugly.  Neither side is listening to the other, ‘cause neither side believes the other. The right has floated one conspiracy theory and lie after another, and as soon as one is exposed, another pops up believed just as fervently by the seemingly moronic Republican base.

This debate should be about ideas, but the ideas are being drowned out by the Hitlarian tactics in use by the right-wing.  One wonders where this is headed, and how long it will be before someone takes a shot at someone.  Kent State anyone?


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