Leave the Guns Home, Please

I have spoken often on this blog about the right’s readiness to introduce violence and the threat of violence into the national health care non-debate.  Some of the people who have commented on my postings have made it quite clear that they view the use of force to be just another debating tactic, to be used at their discretion when they feel “their America” is threatened.

This is all the result of the deliberate tactics I spoke of in my last post. The powerful industries on the other side of this issue are willing to stop at nothing to achieve their ends, which, of course, is to maximize their profits while mitigating risk.  They will do what they have to do, even if they so thoroughly divide America that normal debate is impossible without threats of force.

To this end, they have created what I can only describe as an army of “Borgs,” aided and abetted by their stooges in the right-wing media and even so-called responsible Republican politicians. Problem is, its not clear that the Borgs are really under control!  I really don’t think, (at least I hope) that nobody really wants blood running in American streets over this debate, but unless those who have enflamed the right-wingers dial back the rhetoric, that’s exactly what they might get.

E.J. Dionne, Jr. had a piece in the Washington Post today in which he said:

“This is not about the politics of populism. It’s about the politics of the jackboot. It’s not about an opposition that has every right to free expression. It’s about an angry minority engaging in intimidation backed by the threat of violence. …

The simple fact is that an armed citizenry is not the basis for our freedoms. Our freedoms rest on a moral consensus, enshrined in law, that in a democratic republic we work out our differences through reasoned, and sometimes raucous, argument. Free elections and open debate are not rooted in violence or the threat of violence. They are precisely the alternative to violence, and guns have no place in them.

On the contrary, violence and the threat of violence have always been used by those who wanted to bypass democratic procedures and the rule of law.”

We will soon turn an important corner in this debate.  The Republicans have shown themselves totally unwilling to enter into good-faith negotiations, preferring instead to do their talking through their subservient tools on the street.  The Democrats should and must stop seeking any sort of bi-partisan solution, and get the best bill they can by themselves.

The question is, what becomes of the force the right-wing has created?  Will responsible Republicans take the initiative to lower the temperature, or do they want to keep it just where it is for the fights yet to come over global warming (already started) and EFCA. From where I sit, what we have right now is not an encouraging picture.


2 responses to “Leave the Guns Home, Please

  1. You should indeed NOT be encouraged. Obama may turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to the Freedom Movement. And thanks for continuing to demonize your opposition. Just ignore the George Wills, Jonah Goldbergs and others of us on the non-conspiratorial right who honestly don’t think more federal intervention is the answer.

    • It’s difficult NOT to demonize the opposition, when the opposition has no intention of trying to get something done in good faith. Almost everything the right is objecting to in the health care bill already exists in the status quo, and the only reason not to do anything (the republican position) is to keep the money flowing from the lobbyists. Yes, difficult not to demonize.

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