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Symphony of Science – We Are All Connected

The reality of our universe is so much more impressive then the false reality presented by any of its’ man-made religions, it boggles the mind.  The gods presented to us as candidates for worship are all so small and inconsequential when compared to the vast reality of what is, it is really a wonder why anyone pays any attention to them at all.  If man is searching for meaning, he need look no further then his place in the cosmos.


John McCain – Whore For Telco

Why you should care about Net Neutrality

As they usually do, the right has done a good job framing what may be a bitter fight over Internet bandwidth.  Yesterday, John McCain introduced something called “The Internet Freedom Act,” which, if passed, would give the major Telecom companies and ISPs the ability to throttle bandwidth whenever and to whom ever they choose. This legislation would forbid the FCC from preventing the Telco’s from creating a “play for pay” system where they could block or slow down content and applications.

What could this mean for you?  Well, that depends, of course, on how you use the Internet.  I like to watch live baseball games streamed in real-time from, perhaps you like to watch streamed content, or download movies, or play on-line games, or chat with grandchildren.  Here’s what the “Freedom” act would do for you:  The Telco’s want the “freedom” to charge high-bandwidth content providers depending upon what they think the market will bear.  In other words, what if the site you like to watch streaming content from decides it’s business model cannot afford extra charges, it will simply cease. Continue reading

Wake Up America!

A new clip from Pat Condell with some words about Islam and the threat to our Constitution.