I Know Where the REAL Jesus Lives!

Right here in Hampstead, NC!

Church-sign-croppedI guess we’ll call this the Church of the Bobble head, what else?  Guess the other churches in town have the false, artificial Jeebus, they must, ’cause these guys obviously have the real deal!  Check out their web site, it’s full of inerrant scripture, hell, literal Genesis and all the rest of the delusions that endear Christians to the rest of civilization.  And, you know what you won’t find?  The slightest hint of a remote possibility that they might just be wrong!

I checked with the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and it’s perfectly OK for them to contract with the Board of Education to meet in a school, but they have to have a contract, for a fair price and the payments must be up to date.  It’s all public record, so we shall see…


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