Wag the Dog

Congratulations to those tea-baggers, know-nothings and all you other seventeen per-centers who have apparently been successful in killing meaningful health care reform.  In spite of the wishes of the majority of the country, you have managed to remove everything of any value from the House bill, and add that wonderful rusty coat hanger amendment which will make abortion impossible for those women who need it most.

Looks as though even the watered down public option that survived in the House is a non-starter in the Senate, and will probably be stripped, leaving nothing in the way of further price-gouging by the insurance companies.  What a country!

Just one thing, though, I don’t want to hear you whining about your liberties’ five years from now when your premiums are over twenty grand a year, and your carrier won’t cover your wife’s cancer treatment ‘cause you used to smoke years ago, and even exposure to second-hand smoke is now a pre-existing condition. Don’t worry, though, you can have her prayed for, and if the bill passes your insurance company will even pay for it!


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