It’s Over!

Not quite dead yet, but buried nonetheless, is the 2009 version of healthcare reform.  The pathetic version of the so-called “public option” that managed to sneak through the House last week would do absolutely nothing to control costs, even if it managed to survive the Senate, which it has no chance of doing.  The onerous rusty coat hanger amendment that the anti –abortion nutbags tacked on to the bill at the last minute will serve as a poison pill to assure that the liberal Democrats will vote the bill down if it ever returns to the House with the “Stupidpak” amendment still attached.

Lieberman and now Nelson in the Senate, both in the thrall of the insurance industry, are threatening to vote with the Rethuglicans to filibuster any bill with a public option attached, even one as weak as the House version.  Several House and Senate Democrats have threatened to vote against any bill without a public option, or one with the coat hanger thing.  And, of course, no Rethuglicans in either house are liable to vote for the bill, no matter what’s in it.

So, where does that leave us after six months?  Exactly nowhere!  There appears to be no way that meaningful health care reform will pass this year, and probably not any other.  I lay the blame for this directly on the White house!  Obama has provided no leadership on this effort, and what’s worse, they gave the game away early, making a horrible deal with big Pharma.

Personally, I think we’re all screwed!  Obama is turning out to be a hell of a lot less then I and many others thought he was.  One disappointment after another.


2 responses to “It’s Over!

  1. Hi! Yes, and now unfortunately we know how this has all turned out. I am very disappointed and angry about how the public option was dropped and how Obama was so much for universal health care while he was campaigning and then lied like a Rethuglican and said he wasn’t. That’s a load of B.S. because I kept the campaign stuff I was sent and that is what he promised. That’s why I voted for him in the primary and election. Thanx Mr. Prez for that slap in the face!

  2. By the way, later I found out he had received $800,000 from the insurance industry for his 2008 campaign. Gee, could that be what changed his mind? How nice. I thought he’d grow a pair and get Canada/European-type universal health care thru, but no, he sucks up to the Rethugs and puts thru this gift to the insurance companies. How thoughtful. Prez. Obama is a DINO, like Lie-berman:Democrat In Name Only(and Lie-berman should be an (R), not an (I). He’s a dickhead!

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