Holocaust Pope to be Leveled Up to Sainthood!

I was going to lay off this blog ’till after the New Year, but this is one of those stories that just comes busting out!  The Vatican is insisting that the war-time decisions of “Pius” the twelth should not overshadow his so-called “christian life.”

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, issued a statement saying that the beatification process evaluated the “Christian life” of Pius, who ruled from 1939 to 1958, and not “the historical significance of his choices.”

In one sentence, the Vatican spokesman encapsulated the major problem with the christian religion – no matter what you say or do, or how badly you treat your fellow man, all that matters in the end is that you’re suitably “sorry” and receive the necessary “blessing.”

This miserable excuse for a human being stood tacitly by while genocide was being committed on an entire race of people, and when the war was over, he actively assisted those responsible for the genocide in escaping the consequences for their actions.  Germany was (and still kind of is) a Catholic country.  Hitler was a professed Catholic. The German army (including papanazi) wore a uniform belt buckle that said “god is with us.”  If the head of the catholic church had cared to intervene, millions could have been spared, but he chose to do nothing.

Now, they want to make him a saint?  What the hell is the matter with these people?  Have they no sense of shame at all?  I can’t help but wonder how many hail Mary’s the Pope had to say to obtain absolution for abetting the holocaust, or did he whip himself instead?

I suppose that Papanazi will be up for sainthood when he dies, after all, didn’t he do a hell of a job covering up the rape of the innocents at the hands of priests all over the world?  That should be worth sainthood, should it not?


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