A Marriage Truly Made in Heaven!

St. Sarah Palin, our lady of perpetual bullshit, going to work for FOX News!  Perfect!  A perfect match.  Nary a truth shall be heard, between Beck, O’What’s-his-name, Hannity, Huck, and now Sarah.  The big lie network adds the 2009 big lie leader.  Shawn won’t be able to get a lie in edgewise.

Seriously, though, I can’t figure out what the upside is for FOX,  I can’t imagine that Sarah will add even one incremental viewer to the crew of drooling intellectuals who tune in every night to find out what they’re supposed to think about the days events.  One thing, though, every lying word out of her mouth will be recorded, and I can’t wait for the whining to start when she gets called on all of her bullshit.  Not that anyone on her new network will call her out on anything, but I would hope some of the legitimate news media will.  Perhaps, today, I’m just dreaming – again.


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