Willful Ignorance

How can we judge the decision-making ability of a politician who is running for high office? Sure, we have his or her voting record, some idea of what their policies would be, and, of course, what they tell us they will do once in office. All of this information is nice, but what does it really tell us about how they would process information, in this complex world we live in, where things are seldom black-and-white, and what criteria they would use to make decisions that effect us all?

We would hope they would be capable of weighing empirical, although sometimes conflicting current data, and have the ability to arrive at a conclusion through some form of rational analysis. After all, that’s the best we can really hope for in a fellow human being in the 21st century, that his or her decisions be based upon 21st century information.

We have a relatively new entry into the 2012 Presidential sweepstakes, although he’s hardly a surprise, and he already enjoys the benefit of a considerable, and quite rabid, following. He’s not a “stupid” man, although he espouses some really fringe political ideas that would, undoubtedly lead to direct fascism in the United States, to replace the Inverted Totalitarianism we are currently operating under. I like his foreign policy ideas, and also his position on legalizing drugs, but my admiration for the man stops there. He is a committed theocrat, and a creationist, of all things!

I have debated many creationists, by and large, they are not “stupid” people. They have managed to somehow ignore 150 years of hard, corroborating, scientific evidence from many different disciplines, from Geology to Paleontology, and from Biology to Astronomy and Physics in order to accept the “divine” word of a group of wandering bronze-age nomads. There is nothing to explain acceptance of creationism other than willful ignorance of 21st century science, and Ron Paul has chosen that path.

This is not something that can be ignored or glossed-over in our highly-complex, technological age, where almost every problem we face, as a nation and as a world, has it’s roots in science, not superstition. So far as I know, the entire Republican field, so far, are all creationists, or say they are to pander to the base of the party. To even consider electing one of these “willfully ignorant” candidates would make us even more of a laughing-stock in the eyes of the world. And, laughing the hardest would be the CEO’s of our largest banks and corporations whose goal is to create a nation of uneducated, highly religious, docile, morons to provide a cheap supply of labor for the next few generations. Ron Paul would lead us into a Theocratic Idiocracy!


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