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New Atheism, Accommodationism, and Humanism in a World Gone Mad – Part Three

Atheism, New Atheism, and accommodationism

In the last post, I discussed my impressions of the current political situation in the United States. In this post, I will cover a bit of my own history, and how I, along with the entire atheist movement was influenced by the writings of Harris, Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennett, and Stenger, who became the vanguard of the “New Atheists.” I’ll talk a bit about the schism that has developed within the atheist movement that threatens what could be the only way out of the situation I discussed in the last post.

To begin with, before atheists and Humanists can do anything about anything, we first have to stop squabbling among ourselves, decide who we really are, what we really want, and how, exactly to go about it. The currently overwhelming opposition we’re facing, both from the religionists and the corporatists is directed, coherent, purposed, and focused. We must be the same, and we are nowhere near being there.

Indeed, we are far better off than we would have been prior to 2004 (the publication of “End of Faith,”) in that we are much better aware of our numbers, and are far more organized, but we are also deeply divided as to how we should deal with the religious, and like the Tea Party, we are squabbling over the wrong enemy. The various Tea Party groups disagree over how to attack the government, when the government isn’t the problem, just as we are squabbling over how to deal with the religious when the religious aren’t the problem! The real problem is the Corporatocracy that’s responsible for creating the divisions between most Americans in the first place. Continue reading


New Project, New Blog

No posts here for quite some time, I’ve been working on a major project, researching and now writing a self-help book on recovery from drugs and alcohol. Nothing much to do here but post a link to the blog I’ve put up to post excerpts and hopefully discuss the points in the book. I’m also looking for any comments any of you might have on the content, tone, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

I would really appreciate any suggestions you might have!  Thank you for your attention, and I promise to get back to this blog just as soon as I can.

Agressive Atheism

This video is one of Pat Condell’s best ever!  Intolerance of intolerance IS a moral good, as Pat points out.  Enjoy!