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High Tide on Main Street – An Intervention

Some would refer to “High Tide on Main Street”  (HT) as a wake-up call, which it is, but it’s also considerably more. While I was reading it, I was reminded of an intervention, where an addict is confronted by family and friends, with the object being that the addict can no longer pretend that his actions hurt only himself, and that his behavior has consequences that affect not only his life, but the lives of others. Our addiction to fossil fuels has consequences for all of us, and that’s what HT is all about.

There is no hyperbole here, no dystopia, just the facts from the world’s leading climate scientists presented in a forthright, well-written manner by an individual possessed of a perfect background to tell the story.

The opening paragraph sets the tone for the entire book:

“When all the ice sheets and glaciers in the world melt, sea level will be approximately 212-feet (64.5 meters) higher than it is today. That paralyzing fact is independent of any confusion about climate change. It has happened before and will happen again.” Continue reading


Certitude and the Unknown

The first Beyond Belief Conference was held in 2006, and of all the hours of discussion and presentation, this brief exchange between a theist and Ann Duryan, who is, of course, the widow of Carl Sagan, was to me the most poignant moment.  Ms. Duryan is a world-class scientist in her own right, and she delivers a classic reproof to a theist who expresses his discomfort with being in the unknown.

The clip starts with a Neurobiologist finishing an answer to a question posed by an audience member, then the theist takes the floor, relates his “religious experience.” and than proceeds to critique the conference and comment on the scientific method.  When he finishes, the fun starts.  Enjoy!

Top Ten Creationist Arguments

This little video from The Thinking Atheist is as good a way as any to start the new year off right.  Hope you and yours had a safe and healthy holiday experience, and are ready to face the new year, which seems to be rife with the same kinds of challenges we all faced last year.  Enjoy!