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A Chapter – By – Chapter Overview of “Powerless No Longer.”

Up to now, nowhere on this web site have I spelled-out exactly what my book is designed to do, or how it’s designed to do it. The purpose of this post, which will also become a permanent “page” on the site, is to accomplish that. What follows is a chapter-by chapter breakdown of the book, so far as I currently envision it, (after all, it is a work in progress). You will see that the purpose of the book is to help you decide, out of the myriad possibilities, what program would or would not be right for you.

Chapter One: “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover;” is an overview of “Powerless No Longer” (PNL), detailing why I’m writing the book, who it’s for, offering an “intro to addiction,” and suggesting how to use the book, depending upon what your goals are. PNL can be read in order, or used as a toolbox. Some of those reading the book will have only begun thinking of making a change, while others will be deeply committed to change and looking for a viable pathway. Still others will already be far along their own pathway, and merely looking for a few tools and suggestions. This chapter will hopefully sort things out.

Chapter Two: “Complex Causes for a Complex Problem;” will primarily address the biological and physical aspects of addiction, the actual mechanism that makes us addicts. Addiction is a Bio-Psycho-Social malady, and this chapter addresses the first, and part of the second of these three components. The study of addictive behavior crosses several disciplines, including behavioral neuroscience, epidemiology, genetics, molecular biology, pharmacology, psychology, psychiatry and sociology. We are addicts due to very complex mechanisms, and some understanding of these mechanisms makes our actions, and our personalities, a little easier to understand. Continue reading


The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

On November 10th, 1975, twenty-nine men were killed when the Edmund Fitzgerald, a Great Lakes ore carrier, went down in a storm.  I found this clip on the net and had to post it.  As someone who spent over three years at sea, the most haunting line in the Gordon Lightfoot song is “Does anyone know where the love of god goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours.”  Believer or not, the line captures the feeling of absolute helplessness of being tossed about by an angry sea in a ship of any size.  Anyone who has been at sea for any length of time understands what I mean.

I guess the film, which shows a mild blow, was probably made on a prior voyage of the Fitzgerald.  Enjoy it, and perhaps give a thought to the sailors currently bouncing around out there.