This is a Leader?

Okay, so it’s only a few days after the election, too early, some would say, to get a bead on where Obama is heading for the next four years. During the entire election cycle, we were hearing from the Obamapoligists that, freed from having  run again, Obama would suddenly become the populist that “we all knew he was.” To my mind, that’s just as much magical thinking as the right believing Obama’s a Socialist. I wish he was!

Well, here are, after the election, and Obama has made his first speech. It was on the “grand bargain” that has to be negotiated between the White House and the Congress on the budget and tax plan, in order to avoid draconian cuts to many different programs, agreed upon last year. A few days ago, Glen Greenwald published an excellent essay on Alternet, wherein he laid-out six steps that this negotiation would probably take, if it was like most of the other negotiations the Obama administration has carried-out with the House and Senate. Here is Greenwald’s prediction of the first step, which Obama and other’s took last week: Continue reading “This is a Leader?”